We as a team have many years' worth of experience in searching and tracing and have had a good success rate across various platforms to date.

Searching and tracing is our passion and in 2014 we realized that there is a need, specifically for adopted children looking for their biological parents and roots and biological parents looking for their adopted children as well as siblings looking for each other.

Our website ADOPTED SA is not just a platform for stating your details or the details of the person you are searching for, in the hope that somebody might see it. We actively search, trace and aim to find the lost family member. An adoptee or a biological family member can contact us via the CONTACT US page. A submission form will then be emailed to you to complete in your own time. Various details will be requested to ensure that the search can be conducted as effectively as possible.

Searches are done privately and confidentiality is guaranteed. Only the most basic details of people that are being searched are given on our list of searches (see our page LOOKING FOR). No specific details or other personal information will be made public.

Find us on our Facebook page at : www.facebook.com/adopteehope?fref=ts

Ons hanteer ook versoeke in Afrikaans.


This is not a free service. A non-refundable deposit of R150. is payable to register on this site, and to have the basic search information published, when the submission form is sent to the search team of ADOPTED SA. Then the active search will start. Another R400. is payable when the search has been SUCCESSFUL, in other words, when the person has actually been FOUND and contact can be established. There are no "cheaper" and no "more expensive" searches, and there are no other hidden costs.

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